Eco Love Products and the Eco Love Logos

Environment-conscious products with high environmental impact reduction effects and that are industry leaders are certified as Eco Love products, and Eco Love products with effects at the highest levels in the industry are certified as Super Eco Love products. TDK created and endorses the use of these logos to convey to customers in an easily-understood manner that TDK creates products with continuous environmental impact reduction effects.

About the Eco Love Logos

TDK designed the Eco Love logos as an expression of its stance, awareness, and desires concerning the environment in the sense of products created based on our love for the Earth’s environment. TDK uses the logos in both internal and external communications to emphasize its activities for creating environment-conscious products and in catalogs, on its Websites, and so on to show products with particularly outstanding environmental effects. TDK will increase the percentages of Eco Love and Super Eco Love products in the future and work with customers to protect the Earth’s environment while maintaining ongoing progress.

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